Sketch rendered 2.5D city map

Having tinkered with some building data during a GIS practical the other day, it got me thinking whether I could generate 2.5D maps with the data. The original format was ESRI shapefiles. To make things challenging, I wanted to see if I could use an open source workflow from start to finish… The shapefiles were processed in QGIS and Grass, rendered in Blender, with post-processing in GIMP. It is possible, but not the easiest process. Finally, I decided on a monochrome, NPR (sketch render) biro effect inspired by the art of Stephen Wiltshire. Sketch renders work well for simplifying complex visualisations, where the level of visual information would otherwise be overwhelming for the viewer.

Finsbury Circus, London

Map data is from Ordnance Survey. A labeled, experimental slippy-map version is below: